Why China Can Do AI More Quickly and Effectively Than the US (and rest of the world)

While the US is the world’s leader in AI discoveries, China is the leader in AI implementation.

In execution, Chinese entrepreneurs are unafraid of the tedious, messy, and risky tasks, if they help achieve the ultimate result. Chinese CEOs usually have absolute power within the company, which makes execution much more effective.

Fierce competition pushes entrepreneurs to improve the product at lightning speed, with incredible work ethic, always pressured to develop impregnable business models. As a result, Chinese products often evolved into better products than their American counterparts (e.g., Wechat vs. Whatsapp, Weibo vs. Twitter, Taobao vs. eBay).

Plus, China has DATA.

China’s data edge is three times the US based on mobile user ratio, 10 times the US in food delivery, 50 times in mobile payment, and 300 times in shared bicycle rides.

Via: Excerpts from the book AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order by Kai-Fu Lee.


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