Why do People Go Online?


Why do People Go Online?

Simple question, but a structured answer would really make for an interesting read.

And that’s what this study conducted by Ruder Finn Intent Index reveals:

why people go online
Why do People Go Online? Browse Web?

Overall, the study has divided the reasons why people go online into 7 categories:

  • Learn
  • Have Fun
  • Socialize
  • Express Yourself
  • Advocate
  • Do Business
  • Shop

Couple of interesting points that came out of the study

  • 100% people said ‘Yes’ to ‘pass time’ – now you know why YouTube and Twitters of the world are flourishing!
  • Forward email/Share links seems to be a common activity.
  • Learning is one of the most important reason why people go online – learning involves world news to some new stuff to healthy food etc.
  • High catchment areas (for publishers) includes Educate Self (96%), Connect with Others (92%), Research (89%) , Share (86%) , Be Entertained (82%)
  • Interestingly ecommerce/shopping has few takers!

What’s your take on this report? Agree/Disagree?

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