Why do retailers have multiple QR codes?

Why do retailers have multiple QR codes when we all know that a single UPI QR code is all that matters. Is it about lack of understanding (of how UPI/QR code works)?

Some interesting perspective by Dharmesh (of D91Labs).

Why do retail stores have multiple QR code stickers, when could have just one QR that accepts UPI from all apps? A thread 👇 https://t.co/coKaHgE8By
1. Field agent incentive: For every QR code activated, the field agent gets a commission and the store owner gets a cashback. A value proposition for both the parties to add another QR code to the storefront.
2. Multiple bank accounts: Most of the small retailers have a savings bank a/c and when the bank observes an increase in incoming transactions, the owner is contacted to convert it into a current account. Hence they activate multiple QRs linked to different savings accounts.
3. Manage peak hours: Most Kirana stores are managed by a single person and during peak hours, customers flock to purchase the goods. Having multiple QR codes allows the customers to transfer without the hassle and thus reducing the crowd.
4. Manage downtime: There are times when a certain QR code might observe downtime and might not work. During these times the store owner nudges the customers to transfer money by scanning the other QRs.
Even though they have multiple QR’s guess which app they use to check their transaction? Messages app!!!! Yes. SMS from their bank is what they check to confirm the transaction. For more insights, please read our Kirana Chronicles on @d91labs 😄
@d91labs And last but not least, the lack of knowledge that a single QR code accepts transaction from all apps. We have heard store owners telling us that they have multiple QR codes as the customers prefer different apps to transfer money. H/t @apoorvaashetty

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