Why emotional intimacy is important for a healthy relationship and how to create it

The foundation of any healthy relationship is emotional intimacy.

Meaning, you regularly show interest in and care about each other’s internal world.


Emotional intimacy is the process of intentionally connecting with your partner through actions that allow them to feel: seen, heard, and understood.

In order to have emotional intimacy, we have to practice vulnerable sharing.

It’s through vulnerable sharing that we learn to trust our partners.
– sharing parts of our past that make us who we are today
– opening up when we feel insecure or anxious
– having difficult conversations that make us uncomfortable.
– asking for our needs to be met

1. What is your best and worst memory from childhood?

2. What did you get from your parents that you needed, and what do you feel like you missed?

3. How do you liked to be loved? (this will change regularly)

4. When do you feel most confident and when do you feel most insecure?

5. What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned in the past year?

6. What’s something impactful that’s happened to you that you’ve never shared with anyone else?

Emotional intimacy is also formed through intimacy actions.

Intimacy actions show us that are partner considers us, listens to us, and keeps us working as a team even life gets busy.

– ordering your partner take out and putting it in the fridge with a note for them

– sending a “I’m so grateful you’re in my life” text message

– doing the dishes or helping out around the house

– offering to take something off their plate ex: “I’ll get the oil changed”

– planning something spontaneous and fun that you normally wouldn’t do (mini golf, a hike, etc)

– grabbing them a book on a new subject they’re super passionate about

– planning an at home date (watching a netflix movie and popping popcorn)

By consistently showing up in these ways for ourselves and our partner, we create a safe space for mutual freedom and evolution.

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