Why Enterprise 2.0 Will Fail In Organizations? It’s not about Technology

[Guest article by Sumeet, Founder/CEO of Kreeo]

If we look at the trends in technology (especially enterprise software) you will see a pattern.  First a new concept is unleashed by researchers, analysts, management gurus or technologists like e-commerce, knowledge management, performance management, collaborative enterprise, SaaS, utility computing etc and then technology vendors hijack it (at times they first create a buzz word themselves) and transform it into a technology product space.

It is true that ICT is required to enable any new management or business concept but none of these concepts are really about ICT.  Somewhere most companies forget the point that ICT is JUST an enabler and nothing more, a specific implementation to suit your needs and managing the change is the key to success.

enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 will also fail in organizations that do not understand the following:

  • It is never about technology, just use it as an enabler.  Look at implementation of each initiative as a combination of technology and non-technology methods.
  • Just features is not enough, usability and relevance of how it is implemented is  more important.
  • Requirements come first, so first define your requirements and the context of using enterprise 2.0 before calling software vendors.
  • Its about everyone, a multi functional team with representation from IT, HR, KM and business units must evaluate and select the right technology and specific requirements from it.
  • You don’t need support staff, so transform them into evangelists.
  • There will never be instant success, treat it like a transition to a new way of working  and have patience to evangelize it properly.
  • Motivating employees is the key, work on identifying ways to reward and recognize adopters, others will follow early adopters.

What else you think can be added to this list of reasons?

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