Why I left my job (for my own startup)

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Why I left my job (for my own startup)

When you have just got married and dream of starting a new beautiful life, sane people will never think of leaving their job. Don’t you think so? And if they would, then it would be for better opportunities.
At least not for chasing a dream that only I can see. But then I didn’t get up one lovely morning and decide to quit. It took me close to two months to gather the balls to say that I quit. However the story that I am sharing here is why did I quit my job?


Lack of Respect

I have been a Business Analyst (BA) for last six years and in these five years the only time I loved working was in HSBC, UK and Blackrock, UK. My last employer was Oracle, Pune where I was recruited as a BA but if I look back I was turned into a tester. Let me tell you what was the reason if you aren’t aware of the same old story of IT industry in India. Most of the requirement gathering happens at the client location and the people sitting in onsite are also Indians but then they will treat you like as if you belong from lower caste. One mistake is highlighted as you are a born failure in life and they will forget the frequent late nights, the weekends and never saying no to work. So in a nutshell I was waste for them and for me every day pulling oneself to work was the painful thing. There was a time when I use to love leaving for office at 9 AM but that changed all. Never did a single requirement gathering but read the requirement documents created by onsite folks. Never was asked to join a product discussion but trained 3 batches of new joiners about the product. And in return I used to frequently get rewarded by a tag that I lack knowledge of the product. Isn’t that interesting? Oh by the way in India if you are a Business Analyst you also should know coding and technical things. Well sir did you describe that in job description? Anyway that was the story but you must be thinking then why didn’t I leave Oracle and join another firm.

In comes my Startup

Well people may ask if a blog Lighthouse Insights can be a startup? I think that it is a blog and a content providing platform too. LHI, as an idea when started had no shape. It was started for the pure love of writing and keeping myself busy. When I started it was never a blog that exclusively captured Indian social media news and insights. The blog was born during the time while I was working in Oracle. I started enjoying my writing, I forgot everything and I was taking the risk of doing all work sitting in Oracle office. Well I know it is unethical but I was selfish. I stopped smoking because I could work on my blog during that time, I stopped going for leisure walks after lunch, I stopped talking to my friends in office. In short it was all for LHI. However whenever I was given any work I did that and it was never sacrificed. This didn’t go well in the top level, as I was not showing interest. Why would I at a place where I had no respect, no opportunity? So life was tough juggling between my passion and money. But it didn’t last long. You must be thinking why not? I had passion, I had money and life was good.

The Final Chapter

Well life was not good. With every passing day I became more engrossed in LHI and I wanted to do more. I used to get frustrated and I still get when I am not able to write with free mind. Everyone at workplace knew what I was working on. You can’t hide things when your work is related to social media. And moreover I was not enjoying that I was working for myself and taking money from Oracle for nothing. I couldn’t take it anymore. But all these things were smaller in front of the fear that was growing in me. Fear and mental peace was the problem. I was not able to write because I was warned that I am spending too much time on Facebook. I was frightened to go to office thinking that it could be my last day and again I would be coined as a loser. So before the fear could kill me I thought of killing it and thanks to my co-founder, angel investor and my wife, I could gather strength in my balls.

15th December 2011 was the day when I walked into my manager’s cabin and said that I have finally made a decision to move on. With that I also made a bold statement that I am not joining any other company but I am joining my company 🙂

You must be thinking what I have achieved by becoming an Entrepreneur. I have achieved mental peace and the strength to chase my dream with full vigor. No I am not making the same money I use to but for me money is not important now. I think I am lucky to get an opportunity to chase my dream. Maybe I succeed or maybe I fail but that is not the primary thing. I want do something in my life for once, which I believe in as all my life I have followed a bandwagon. So here I am today chasing my dream with my wife.

If you are chasing any such dream or wish to do so, then would love to hear it.

[Guest author contributed by Prashant Naidu, cofounder of LightHouse Insights, a blog that covers social media space in India. Reproduced from his blog.]

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