Why is Solana launching a $1000 phone?

People talking about @solana releasing a $1000 phone and having to take on Apple and Samsung are missing the point Here’s what’s going on 🧵 1/
Currently applications that use web3 (dApps) are largely browser based. This might be a dApp for buying & selling NFTs, or lending coins. They are browser based and interact with a wallet such as @phantom 2/
Being browser based and having to make the user interact with a wallet massively limits the user experience Compare this to experience to that of native apps on an Android phone or iPhone. 3/
To improve this experience and allow Web3 to start to compare to that of native apps Solana is taking a two pronged approach. First : to allow dApps to run inside a wallet such as @Phantom. These are the xNFTs. This allows improved UI on existing phones (iPhone & Android) 4/
Second : to build Solana Mobile Stack (SMS), which essentially makes the wallet into a layer of the phone operating system, and allows dApps to run natively, just as phone Apps. These can be downloaded from an dApp Store. 5/
So rather than Web3, with @Solanamobile Solana has essentially created a new layer to the operating system and an AppStore2. With dApps that can be downloaded natively and do not need a separate wallet to interact with, as the seed phrase etc is all built in. 6/
The issue with releasing SMS on its own is that Solana then needs convince a separate company to make phones utilising it. Simply to be able to show off the new user experience of native dApps. Hence the reveal a phone. 7/
And if you are revealing a phone to showcase new dApps, it needs to be able to play the latest P2E games and be a phone people are proud to own and develop for. This is the halo effect that Tesla and companies use when they release high end products first. 8/
Even @aeyakovenko has talked about SMS being used on cheap phones and that dApps may enable phones to potentially be free for users. So it’s not about a $1000 phone, it’s about disrupting the entire web, app and mobile industry. 9/
Oh, and you don’t think SMS will only stay on phones do you? Surely your PC browser based dApps will start to look very clunky compared to native mobile dApps. If this goes well there will be a stack for laptops and PCs in time. 10/
@aeyakovenko and the team at @Solana are burying the tech of Web3 deep into the fabric of what we use. This is exactly how they get to their aim of a billion+ users. In time you won’t know it’s web3. That’s when it just works. End

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