Why People Don’t Quit the Jobs They Hate?


There is a term for people, who despite hating their jobs, just don’t quit: Prisoners. But the shackles they find themselves bound by, is not necessarily because of the lack of career options, but surprisingly, a heavy pay check.

That’s according to a survey titled “Actively Disengaged and Staying” from consulting firm Aon Hewitt, which polled some 500,000 workers worldwide. About 8% of employees are categorised as “workplace prisoners,” by Aon Hewitt, who don’t even want to look out for a different job, because they’re often overpaid.

“These employees may be interested in leaving, but they do not look for opportunities elsewhere because they have done the research and have found that they are being paid more than they are worth in the open market,” the study stated. “As a result, they sit tight.”

In fact, these individuals are more likely to stay with their company than the average employee, severely impeding the organisation’s progress.

According to Aon, some of these “prisoners” can be motivated to improve, but most workplaces just don’t encourage them to work up to their potential.

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