Why People Use Twitter?


Why People Use Twitter?

One of the rising queries about Twitter is ‘What is Twitter’ and it’s interesting to note that those who have figured out what Twitter is, use it for…well, what else, but connecting to others and updating their status (for what?)!

A survey conducted in US shows that 41.6% percent of Internetusers who used Twitter did so to keep in touch with their friends.

  • 29.1% used it to update their status,
  • 25.8% to find news and stay updated,
  • 21.7% for work purposes and 9.4% for research.
twitter usage why people use twitter
Twitter Usage - Why People Use Twitter?

Men vs. Women

  • Men were interested in finding news and women in updating their status.
  • More women interacted with friends, family and celebrities than men, but men were more likely to follow bloggers.
Twitter Demography Data
Twitter Demography Profile

Word of Mouth?

One-half of tweeters said a friend or family member introduced them to the site and 33% were hooked by a co-worker.


So, apart from general networking, why do people use Twitter? To update status? For what? An Ego Boost?
Well, read our earlier article on Understanding User Needs – The Fundamental Motivation Theory.

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