Why Raise Seed Funding From A VC? Why SAIF Invested in TouchTalent?

SAIF's Mukul, TouchTalent's Ankit At UnPluggd
SAIF’s Mukul, TouchTalent’s Ankit At UnPluggd

SAIF Partners recently announced leading the seed round in TouchTalent, NCR based startup. In the past, we have seen several early stage startups raising funding from a VC.

While that’s good, there are several questions that one needs to answer – most important one being a what if scenario. That is, what if the VC doesn’t invest in Series A (for whatever reason)?

Given that investing is ‘also’ driven by perception, VCs wouldn’t like to touch a startup which has been rejected by its existing investor.

Also, how much time/bandwidth do VCs have for early stage startup portfolio? Is it worth for a startup to go for a big brand name vs. a few angels?

There is no right answer. But let’s hear it out from SAIF’s Mukul Singhal and TouchTalent’s Ankit Prasad who discussed this (in a very informal setup during the networking evening) at UnPluggd, India’s biggest startup conference!

And by the way, Ankit dropped out of IIT D to pursue his passion, i.e. TouchTalent.

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