Why Rediff’s Unlimited storage doesn’t make sense


Why Rediff’s Unlimited storage doesn’t make sense

Rediffmail has come up with *unlimited* mailbox! i.e. no storage constraint!
But all of that doesn’t make sense to me. And here is why:

When it comes to mailbox, size does not matter anymore – Google disrupted the market with 1 GB of mailbox, but then everybody followed.

And storage is no more a premium move in this game. Even the sleepy and spammy Hotmail offers a GB storage [they woke up after 3 years!]

By now, you and I have probably realized that even if we don’t delete our emails anymore, reaching a GB storage will take many years!!

In short, storage is not at all a differentiator. It’s the entire email experience that counts and Rediff has a long way to go.

Though the unlimited storage will bring traction to Rediffmail, all that is a passing fad.
Here are a few features that Rediff should work on!

Rediff’s anti-spam sucks. And I don’t see any effort/improvement in that direction. What makes Gmail tick over Y!/Hotmail is also their strong anti-spam feature. It’s the best among the current lot.
Unlimited storage shouldn’t correlate to Unlimited spams. And I hope rediff guys understand this.

GMail has turned me into a lazy bum. I don’t delete emails anymore. But at the same time, what makes GMail relevant is their sexy search feature. Enter the keywords and you have the correct results in no seconds. On the contrary, Rediffmail search doesn’t work AT ALL.

The new Rediff UI looks good, but at the same time it’s too buggy. Too buggy, for me to use Rediff as my de-facto internet email id. The ‘beta’ tag doesn’t mean that you guys will keep adding features and not fix bugs.

Multi Language support
Please don’t have multi-lingual support for namesake. Look at Google’s Blogger and learn from them, i.e. execute it well [esp. given the fact that Rediff’s primary users are Indians].
Build less feature, but when you build them – make sure that it’s most relevant to the end user!

Giving away features that doesn’t matter to users will not take the product to any level.
At the end of the day, a product has to stay relevant in it’s context. And as per this day/time, Rediff is not the most relevant email product. Not even with it’s unlimited storage feature.

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