Why Should Twitter Have All The Fun ($$)? Facebook jumps In On the Election Action in India


Why Should Twitter Have All The Fun ($$)? Facebook jumps In On the Election Action in India

Facebook wants you to make the upcoming Lok Sabha elections a life event. Starting today, you can add a life event to your timeline that you have registered to vote.

Ankhi Das, Director, Public Policy, Facebook India said:

The launch of the Register to vote feature for Facebook’s Indian users will lead to people sharing status updates and individual stories on voter registration. This will in turn create increased awareness of the voter registration process and influence higher percentage of people to register to vote.

How do you do it?

This is for the dummies. Yet.

Click on Life Event.

Facebook Register to Vote 1

Click on registered to vote & add details.

Facebook Register to Vote 2

Why is Facebook doing it?

It’s some great data for politicians and parties to target advertisements! Anyone who has been anywhere close to an Indian election would know that an obscene amount of money is spent on offline advertisements. Facebook has over 82 mn users in India. Surely, political parties wouldn’t mind spending a few crores on Facebook.

Twitter’s Headstart

Twitter has had a bit of a head start here. Top Twitter officials have been hobnobbing with the political parties (such as the ruling Indian National Congress) and have already made inroads into the television networks. Twitter feeds are regularly aired on Television channels that have a lot of influence in India. Twitter has also been a place for many political debates. The micro-blogging site has an estimated 20 mn users in the country. (Read: Indian Politicians Fake it To Make it on Twitter]

This is all pretty cool. But the fact remains that getting the people on Facebook & Twitter to vote is quite a task. Take the case of Bangalore for example. With over 5 lakh techies, the city usually has the lowest voting percentage in the whole state. If only votes could be cast on Facebook and Twitter, we’d have solved all of our great democracy’s problems.

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