Why SnapFish’s acquisition of MeraSnap doesn’t mean much


Why SnapFish’s acquisition of MeraSnap doesn’t mean much

MeraSnap has been acquired by Snapfish and while this could be termed as the first successful web2.0 exit, I really don’t think that’s the case.merasnap_logo

MeraSnap’s business model wasn’t really different from several other online photo printing service and if you look at their Alexa’s traffic (I know Alexa is not even close to correct, but let’s look at relative traffic), MeraSnap stands on the lowest section of the traffic graph.

I believe it was more of “this is not going anywhere, lets move on” sale and that’s why the merasnap founders aren’t joining the

snapfish team (as reported by cs) – and I guess, they would rather focus on expanding the parent company Knowledgeworkz Consulting..

alexa printing services

As far as HP is concerned, I find it hard to believe that it’s a customer acquisition deal (merasnap has 1Lakh customers only)- other portals could have been a better target. I guess they just got merasnap for a pittance and maybe, wanted to stay in the buzz.

I find it ironical that HP’s Snapfish is not going aggressive on offline stores (given HP’s retail footprints across the country). At the same time, I believe big companies have lot of B-problems, i.e. Bureaucracy, teams not talking among themselves and maybe, that’s why this deal.

What do you think about this deal?

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