Why start ups are emerging like never before?

An emerging trend called – start up

As I was scrolling through the job portals I figured that in the clutter of big corporate and mediocre sized organisations there is a mushrooming trend of start ups. While some start ups do own a small place called office others merely operate virtually but that is not the point of discussion here. With the number of employees ranging from 2-20, these start ups, needless to say, are doing wonders in their own arena.

If we take advertising world, without a doubt Lintas, Ogilvy are some of the well established names that has earmarked their paces followed by other small agencies. However as the start up trend is taking its flight an arrangement of couple of copywriters, a couple of graphic designers, a client servicing executive, an accountant and one or two more people are sufficient to take a shape of startup advertising agency.

Why start ups are emerging like never before?

On dissecting the problem with our corporate work culture I believe there are multiple layers that turn out to be the influencing factor. However, what majorly makes an individual incline towards start up is the flexibility and space for experimenting. Being under the surveillance of corporate culture even the most capable and creative mind faces the lack of experimenting. On the contrary when an individual opens his or her own start up they can invest the same amount of energy that they used to put in their respective jobs and create something that they would call their “brainchild”

Another reason that was gauged through observation is the returns. It is not an unknown fact that monetary returns are pretty much higher when you own a start up in comparison with your slogging 9-5 job. But, here the non-monetary returns are much higher. When you work in the company shedding your blood and sweat only to see your managers taking the credit for everything that you have done you boil down to the point that putting efforts in a start up can certainly provide your non-monetary returns at a much higher level. The sense of fulfillment of being able to shape something that is “yours” is worth the perseverance you put day and night.

On the contrary, however, it is worth scanning that setting your foot in the startup trend is going to be much more demanding that your normal job. A life of an entrepreneur certainly is everything that his or her start up is. You cannot afford to take a break or move out of the focus for a period of time. You have to be there with an imperishable passion day in and out.

The startup trend is definitely a positive sign that is in a way contributing to the economy of the nation. With numerous of individuals eventually starting something of their own if are quite evident that being a nation we are the pool talented minds that are well versed with the ways of carefully channelizing t in the right direction.

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