Why UnPluggd? Why Another Startup Event? [The Concept]


Why UnPluggd? Why Another Startup Event? [The Concept]

Why UnPluggd? How is it different from other startup events in India?

Well, I have been asked these questions quite a few number of times – so here is sharing the core concept behind the UnPluggd event.

UnPluggd is not a startup showcase event where we are bringing in a few hot products and showcase them to you.unpluggd - event for entrepreneurs

What triggered me to start this event is the real picture of the ecosystem (and that’s from my lens)

  • Serious entrepreneurs have stopped attending startup events in India. Like it or not, serious guys who care about their business are happily building their business.
    Infact, lately there is a strong negative correlation I have seen between success and garnering hype @startup events.Those (majority) who have built business have never attended any of the startup events – infact, they (majority) were not even showcased at any of the events. Not that I am undermining the importance of such events (we need 100s of them), but the reality is that serious folks needs a platform and that’s the gap we are filling.
  • Focus on Business – Over the last three years, I have seen great products not going anywhere. Some of the companies who became the next hype, are now figuring out the survival route.
    Ofcourse, that’s how startups evolve, but if you do not focus on business (rather, dhandha),  your kickass product will not go anywhere. And that’s easier said than done. It’s time we bring in these dhandha companies and have them share their experience/insights.

The core philosophy behind the event has been that while there are a lot of product showcase events in India, lets get the guys who are building technology business from India and have them share their experience with the entrepreneurs.

* Note the word – ‘are building’.

There are folks who have built great product business in India – Tally/iFlex etc; the founders are now too media-savvy (I’d call them ‘celebrity entrepreneurs’) and have learned the art of gyaan. We aren’t inviting them (as speakers, though they are free to attend).
Instead the guys who are coming over to share their experience are the ones who are in the trenches – but ones who have built a small business.

To over simpligy things, think of the event as TED for startups – ofcourse, without E & D and in a completely different format.

UnPluggd Event Details

  • Date: March 6th, 2010
  • Venue: Honeywell Office, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore
  • Total # of Seats – 200
  • Ticket Price – Rs. 450/ if you book it before Valentine’s Day [500/ after the V-day]
  • How to Book? You can book the tickets online [visit our ticketing partner site and you have multiple payment options]
  • Contact Details: Got Questions, Want to sponsor? You can contact Ankit (9845986241, ankit@NextBigWhat.com).

[Reproduced from UnPluggd Blog]

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