10 reasons why you should launch a startup from college

[Editorial notes: Pluggd.in has covered quite a few great student startups from India and the below guest post (by Sahil Baghla of Bluegape.com) ,we certainly hope can convince student wannapreneurs to startup right away!]

Let me give you 10 reasons why you should launch a startup from college rather working you a$$ off for someone else.Student_of_the_Year

1) Free office space + wifi + electricity etc : A decent apartment with all these facilities where 4-5 people can work and sleep comfortably in Delhi/Bangalore or Mumbai will cost no less than 30K per month.

2) Teammates : You need rockstars to work with you to build great business and it’s very easy for your friends to take risk with you while they are still in college. Once they are in Job, you will spend half of your energy in convincing them to work with you.

3) No Salary Tension : I just came to know after getting out of campus that how much a designer actually cost !

4) Free resources : You will find many people in your campus with subject expertise to help you on tech, design, marketing etc. Outside world they call it consultancy and charge like anything.

5) Media : You will get a story to tell that how you managed between study and business.  Believe me people/media love to hear that!

6) Mindset : You can make absolutely any crazy decisions because you have never experienced the industry and you don’t understand the limitations etc. No business can be build without crazy decisions.

7) Attention : Believe me most of the CEOs/big shot Guys love to see and help young people with smart ideas. They will give you time to meet and discuss your idea/proposal etc.

8) Expectations : Your girlfriend/boyfriend don’t expect any fancy gifts from you while you are in college and believe me you can’t afford it while you are doing a startup and this money can be used for your business.

9) B-Plan competitions : In valley there’s a famous saying that you can get money from 3Fs (Friends, Family and Fools) until you prove your business. For us the initial funding source was savings some of our money from our Internships (I did two interns in US before launching bluegape.com ) and we won two b-plan competitions. Believe me you actually need some good money to launch your business. Practically no business can be profitable from day one. You at least need money to register your company, buy payment gatewayservice , hosting etc even before startup and you can go profitable.

10) Satisfaction : Finally and most importantly, No matter how big your business will be. You actually see yourself as big shot guys like Google/Dell/Facebook/Apple/Microsoft who started out of college!

What are your thoughts?

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