Eco System Ventures backed Simplibuy launches social discovery app, global launch on the cards

wic_thumb.jpgSimplibuy, the company which recently raised funding from Silicon Valley based Eco System Ventures has launched its Android app, which lets you discover interesting prices, stores and markets in your neighborhood.  The app, which has been on the Google play store for about a month is powered by crowd sourced information.

The app, named Wicfy, wants to bridge the online and offline world by helping users share useful price information on the platform. Once you sign up, it  lets you look at all the offers others have posted on it. You can search for stuff that you are looking to buy and see if a good deal on the item has been reported by one of the other app users.

You can also share deals and information with others using the App.

Assuming you come across an offer or an item you like, you can add it to the iWant list. The list goes live on to the social feed and other people on your network or outside can suggest where you could buy it from, says Arun Purohit, Co-Founder and CEO of Simplibuy. You get alerted when somebody responds to it.

WicfiHow do they plan to make money? “In future, the 5 cheapest sellers ( If they are our affiliates ) will be alerted for the products they subscribe. They will be able to send quotes to the post,” says Purohit. Sellers will have to pay to get access to customers. Like how JustDial generates leads for its listed merchants and service providers.

The app is a bit like DelightCircle, which aggregates information from retailers and presents them to the user on his mobile phone. Only, in the case of DelightCircle, the deals are mostly pushed by the sellers on to the platform.

The company is also planning to launch in California in two months and Purohit plans to monetize it through analytics and subscriptions from sellers.

What’s in store for the company? Multiple currency support, an iOS application, full gamification and personalized search are on top of Purohit’s list. In the short term, he wants to go about acquiring users rapidly.

Ernesto Paiz, the Investment Manager of Eco System Ventures said, “This is our first investment in the country and we are very bullish about India.”

Piaz, who is in India for a few days to work with the Simplibuy team and also to set up a deal pipeline for Eco System Ventures told NextBigWhat that as infrastructure and bandwidth increases, the potential to invest in India is going to be big.

Give Wicfy a spin and let us know what you think (Download here).

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