GoCarz brings India’s first Wi-Fi enabled cab service

Way to the airport you need to send out an important PPT via email but forgot your dongle home? It’s pretty urgent and the boss is going to chop you off if it is not sent in the next few minutes. What do you do? So you either have your phone to make use of or have patience till you reach the airport and get into a Wi-Fi zone. gocarz

Well now there’s an alternative. Travel by Gocarz. What? Seems overtly insane isn’t it. Try your luck. Gocarz is India’s first cab service to have actually gone ahead and launched in-cab Wi-Fi services for its travellers.

How GoCarz service works?

The cabs have Wi-Fi built into their digital tariff rendering systems that operate easily via a username and password. Each Gocarz driver has a different username and password and they need to share the same with the passenger, to be able to log in and access the net. According to the company the drivers have been specially trained to handle small technical glitches which may arise.

Talking to PluGGd.in, Mehak Gogia, Marketing Head, Gocarz said, “Wi-Fi speeds offered are pretty good, it’s as good as connecting via LAN or a dongle, though it may vary from area to area.”

The service is completely free and all bandwidth charges are borne by Gocarz. Presently the services have been rolled out only for Delhi and NCR but they plan to expand to other cities soon.

Though it seems like a wonderful proposition it will take some time before one can actually rate their service. Till then hop on and enjoy the ride.

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