Wi-Fi Without Electricity? Get A UPS For Your Router From This Indian Startup

It often happens to all of us that we’re on a Skype/Video call or maybe downloading an important file and suddenly you lose power… and along with that – your WiFi, which means that call is cut short or the file download gets interrupted, or maybe a livestream is downed.

Even though many folks stay at apartments or houses with backup, there is a delay in switching which means you lose WiFi for a minimum of 2-3 minutes – which is sufficient to kill the flow of anything you were doing at the time. In other cases, the power is gone for even longer even though your laptop may have power to outlast the cut.

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And to solve this, here’s Cuzor – a product by a Bengaluru-based startup which offers a no-nonsense solution to prevent all these mishaps.

It basically acts as a power-bank or UPS for your router and allows you to have uninterrupted Wi-Fi during those few minutes or even hours when you have no power.

Cuzor offers: 

  • Zero Lag Switching – In our tests we found no delay in switching between power line and battery.
  • 3X Battery Life (CC-CV algorithm ) – Optimized charging algorithm ensures that the internal battery is not damaged.
  • Over-charging and Deep discharge protection – Ensures that Internal battery of Cuzor 12V Router UPS is well protected against any malfunctions.

The process is simple. For demonstration purposes in the video, our router is not connected but here’s how it works: you would plug in the Cuzor UPS for Router and run the out from it to your router. This will ensure that your UPS stays constantly charged and when you lose power, the router continues to receive power from the device and remains online.

Mind you – for Dlink routers, you might need a splitter – but once you have the setup done, you are at peace as the product easily runs for ~5-6 hours (on full charge). If you need a custom power adaptor or pin based on your router, the company offers support post-purchase via Whatsapp.

The UPS takes an input of 12V and outputs 12 volts and 2A and has a battery capacity of 19Whr which translates to roughly 1500mah.

As a simple, innovative product that solves a pain point efficiently, the Cuzor UPS gets a strong thumbs up from us. In 3-4 weeks of usage, we were able to take advantage of this consistently without failure during power cuts. At Rs. 1799, we say go for it and leave your internet anxieties during power cuts behind.

Get it on Amazon: Cuzor 12V UPS for Router

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