DailyDose: Wikimedia Foundation raises $25 million in 9 days & the risk of cloud


DailyDose: Wikimedia Foundation raises $25 million in 9 days & the risk of cloud

Wikimedia Foundation raises $25 million in 9 days

The Wikimedia Foundation has raised $25 million during nine days of its annual fund raiser campaign to keep Wikipedia, the worlds largest online encyclopedia ad free.

Wikmedia’s Communications manager Matthew Roth said:

More than 1.2 million donors contributed to the campaign, which ran on English Wikipedia in 5 countries (United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand) for only 9 full days, down from 46 days in 2011. [Source]

Mac Mini’s to be made in USA?

Apple is said to be considering a move that will bring Mac mini production to the U.S., through manufacturing partner Foxconn, according to supply chain sources speaking to Digitimes. Foxconn already has an estimated 15 “operating bases” in the U.S. according to Digitimes. Indeed two of those at least include factories in California and Texas that finish assembly of partially assembled products, and while Foxconn officially denied plans earlier in the year to expand to Detroit, it did note that it has multiple U.S.-based facilities already in place. [Source]

Tencent’s savior, WeChatwechatapp.png

Just two years ago next month, Tencent Holdings Ltd introduced a mobile instant-message application called WeChat. It already has 200 million users, including Lai Jingkui, a teacher in China’s southern Zhuhai city, who uses the “Drift Bottle” function to find friends. While Lai, 23, is still looking, Tencent has found a hit. WeChat’s user base could double to 400 million within three years, providing the chance for China’s biggest Internet company to boost revenue by adding mobile e-commerce and location-based advertising, Core Pacific-Yamaichi International Ltd. estimates. [Source]

Tim Cook’s pay takes big hit vs. record 2011 package

Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook’s 2012 compensation package of $4.17 million is a huge cut on paper for the top executive of the most valuable U.S. corporation, after a 2011 package fattened by more than $376 million in long-term stock awards. Cook received the largest single pay package awarded to a company CEO in about a decade when he replaced Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in August last year, shortly before the Silicon Valley legend’s death in October 2011. [Source]

Amazon’s Christmas faux pas shows risks in the cloud

A Christmas Eve glitch traced to Amazon.com Inc that shuttered Netflix for users from Canada to South America highlights the risks that companies take when they move their datacenter operations to the cloud. While the high-profile failure – at least the third this year – may cause some Amazon Web Services customers to consider alternatives, it is unlikely to severely hurt a fast-growing business for the cloud-computing pioneer that got into the sector in 2006 and has historically experienced few outages.[Source]

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