Will BanKaro go away because of TRAI’s DNC announcement?

In my earlier post on TRAI’s Do-Not-Call registry service, I had couple of questions for BanKaro guys on the effect of TRAI’s announcement on their business model.

Infact, one of the readers put it very bluntlyWill BanKaro go away because of TRAI’s DNC announcement?

I asked the same questions to Anshuman, one of the founders of BanKaro and here are his replies: bankaro

Since TRAI is forcing telemarketeers to adher to DNC, doesn’t that affect the core of your product?
The fight between telemarketers and anti-mobile spam services has become increasingly technologically intensive; low-technology solutions such as personal call filtering, or the DNC registry, will not be quite as effective.
Here’s why:
Though TRAI has been forcing telemarketers to register themselves, it still allows them to solicit additional business from those persons with whom they already have an existing business relationship. In other countries where the same provision exists, this has been liberally interpreted to sneak in telemarketers, since even if you deposit a cheque at a bank, this is deemed to be a business relationship, and the bank can then ask its sales associates to target you for marketing. This security hole cannot be sealed by government directive, as it represents a legitimate business activity, however unpleasant the consequences might be for the end-user.

Another significant problem with the DNC registry is that the quality of the service is based on the goodwill of the telemarketers. There are enough of such fly-by-night service providers in India, providing telemarketing services in conjunction with data mining servers that profile and target customers.
To conclude, we strongly believe that the DNC registry provides a good complement to Ban Karo, but it’s not a comprehensive solution. The sheer fact that millions have signed up for TRAI’s DNC lends credence to our claim that there exists a huge market for Ban Karo, one that we seek to service in conjunction with other players.

What’s the implication of TRAI’s announcement on your business model?
The fact that TRAI has implemented a public DNC registry lends significant support to our initiative for tackling the menace of telemarketing. Having said that, our business model remains unaffected, as there are some glaring loopholes in the DNC initiative which TRAI, as a government regulator, cannot rectify.

What’s your take? As Gaurav Patel has commented

” I have registered for Do Not call registry 1 month back and am still receiving daily 2 calls form tele marketing companies , Please let me know what to do further for this . I am feeling helpless in this matter “

So the tele marketing spam saga continues!!

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