Will Indians buy eBooks? 35% ready to switch, if offered huge discount [Poll Result]

Last week, Amazon launched its ebook store in India and we conducted a poll to understand your preference for ebook vs. dead tree editions. Here is the poll result:

– 45% of you prefer physical copies ONLY.

– 20% of you prefer to buy ebook edition ONLY.

– And the most important piece, i.e. 35% of you will switch from physical to ebook editions, if you get some major discounts.


Given that Pluggd.in readers are among India’s early adopters, tech savvy community, the last piece of data is quite exciting for ebook industry. That is, if priced well, ebooks actually stand a chance and unlike the US market, which adopted ebooks for various other reasons than price, India still remains the price sensitive market.

And this is what Amazon is aiming for (do read our comparison of eBooks vs. Physical book edition price in India], i.e. bring down the price point of eBooks to a level where customers start to evaluate the ebook options against physical editions.

What are your thoughts?

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