Win your day by 10 AM! Follow this morning routine to get more done

A morning routine that’ll help you get more done and win your day by 10 AM…
1. Be awake by 4 AM

To be awake before everyone is a life hack

Here’s why;

• Temperatures are cool
• Your body is recharged
• Distractions are limited

How to train yourself to be a morning person.

Do this;

• Schedule to sleep at 9 PM
• Set a timer (7hrs) deep sleep
• Jump out of your bed when the timer rings

2. Take 30 minutes walk.

Schedule this one immediately after bed.

This’ll help you;

• Eliminate groggy feeling
• Get more creative
• Reduce fatigue

Vital hack; Never settle for any work before a walk

3. Spend 100 minutes reading.

Enrich your mind with books every morning

Read to understand not to memorize

Do this;

• Read for 2-fifty minutes
• Pick a pen + notebook
• Summarize what you understand

Then shift for another task.

4. Settle for deep work

You can’t achieve your goals without a plan

Settle to do work in sessions of 50 minutes

Do this;

• Settle for a task
• Set the timer to 50 minutes
• Work until the timer rings
• Take a five-minute break
• Take longer breaks after 2-3 sessions

5. Hit a cold shower

It’s time to climax your morning hours

Cold shower is better than a morning coffee to start your day.

Here’s why;

• It relieves you stress
• It’s perfect energy booster
• Improves your immune syste

It’s your friend Lewin, let’s win together

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