Wind Pressure from Trains To Generate Electricity [Innovation]

There are crazy ideas (read: innovative) and the latest comes from Santosh Pradhan, Nagpur based entrepreneur who claims to have developed a technology that harnesses wind pressure generated by a moving train and converts it into electricity.

As per Pradhan, every Km or railways network can generate 20.89 MW of power every day.

Wind pressure is created on the front surface of the engine of a moving train. This pressure can be harnessed using a system of turbo-chargers and impellers to generate a huge quantity of compressed air. A system of pipes and impellers can transmit this compressed air to the roof of the train. From there, it can be transferred to a matching system of impellers and pipes suspended from the fixtures of the overhead equipment above the track.
From the overhead fixtures, the compressed air could be directed into pressure tanks for storage, and can be used to rotate turbines or air turbine motors, Mr Pradhan said. These could be coupled to a generator to produce electricity or to any other device to convert the compressed air into some form of energy – source

Pradhan has already obtained the patent, and is yet to launch a prototype with Indian railways. Pradhan claims that his proposed solution can save 2586 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emission in India alone.

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