Death To Piracy! Free Upgrade To Windows 10 [Even Users Of Pirated Windows] [Updated]

Microsoft has announced that it will offer free upgrades to Windows 10 to all Windows users, regardless of whether the software they’re running is currently pirated.
Windows 10
The company hopes the move will allow it to get legitimate versions of its software on a the hundreds of millions of PCs running pirated Windows software in China.
Windows 10 is all-set to be launched publicly this summer, and is expected to be one of the most important releases for world’s most widely used PC OS.
Microsoft is working with Lenovo to roll out Windows 10 for users in China, where anyone with a PC running Windows 7 or later will be able to visit a service centre and get upgraded to the latest software.
The latest revelations signify a massive shift in the business model for Windows, with even Microsoft stressing that going forward it will treat the OS as more of a service than product.
The company is in the hope that Windows 10 adoption will boost uptake of paid services such as Office 365 and Skype, which will drive revenues indirectly.
Update: Microsoft has clarified to ARS Technica that there isn’t such a thing as free Windows 10. While non-genuine Windows users will be able to upgrade to the latest software, but post the update such devices will continue to be considered as non-genuine.
This could mean that Microsoft will not provide unlicensed software users with security updates for Windows 10. Further the company adds that it will make a provision for users of non-genuine Windows to convert their software to genuine via the store.
[Source: Reuters]

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