Microsoft Launches Windows 10 As A Free Upgrade Worldwide

Windows 10 was unveiled back in September 2014. Since then Microsoft has worked with 5mn Windows Insiders to build out the product. Windows 10 will bring back the start menu, port Cortana over to the desktop and bring massive security and performance upgrades. The software will also be available pre-installed on partner OEM devices from today.

It was back in September last year that Microsoft surprised everyone by revealing the name of its upcoming OS – Windows 10. Now, after months of iterating and building out features with the help of Windows Insiders, the company has finally launched Windows 10 to the general public.

Windows 10 will be available as an update to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users for free across 190 countries starting today. Starting today, you’ll also be able to buy devices from OEMs such as Lenovo, HP, Dell and Acer that come pre-loaded with the latest Windows software.


WIndows 10 Start Menu

With Windows 10, Microsoft is bringing back the focus on non-touch devices. The company has brought back the Start menu, Taskbar and Desktop making it easier to use devices with a keyboard, mouse and trackpad.


Windows 10 Hello

Not only has Microsoft upgraded its infamous Defender, it has also debuted Windows Hello which provides passwordless entry into a device by making use of facial recognition tech or even a fingerprint if the required hardware is available.


Windows 10 Cortana

Microsoft has enabled voice, pen and gesture input so that users can make use of the full potential of their hybrid and touch devices. Further, the company has launched Cortana, its digital assistant on the desktop, allowing users to find the right information at the right time.

Continuum is the other big addition to Windows 10, which allows for apps to be optimized perfectly for use in both touch and desktop modes. This is the singular feature that ties in Microsoft’s vision of hybrid devices that are built for productivity and portability.


Windows 10 Edge

With Windows 10, Microsoft has finally replaced Internet Explorer has has launched its new browser called Edge. The browser supports a reading mode, and even allows users to draw on web pages themselves in order to share or save for later.


Apart from making the Xbox app available on the PC which offers an Xbox like experience, Windows 10 also bring DirectX 12 which can provide much better performance in scenarios where developers had been bound by a CPUs performance before.

Runs on Everything

Windows 10 isn’t just a desktop OS. By building on much the same platform for phones, tablets and PCs, app developers will be able to take advantage of building one app that runs perfectly on all types of devices. Further, IoT versions of Windows 10 and even wearables such as Holo Lens will be powered by Windows 10.

The Windows 10 update is now rolling out to PCs with genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 installed on them. For business customer, Windows 10 will begin rolling out from August 1, and for enterprise and education clients, the Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education updates are out.

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