Within 6 months of launch, Windows 7 has captured 10% of PC Market Share

After the Vista debacle, Microsoft played Windows 7 card smartly, got community love and worked hard on feedback during beta testing.

Microsoft in quarterly filing has reported that the company has sold over 100 million licenses of Windows 7, within 6 months of the launch making it the fastest-selling operating system in history.

  • 100 million licenses correspond to 10% of the PC market.
  • Over 15 million downloads of the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.
  • Since launch, Windows 7 Compatibility Center  has served 17 million visitors (78 million page views).

Essentially, there is a huge interest for Windows 7 and so is the case with Windows 7 phone. Seems MS has found its mojo [even Office 2010 is a better product than Office 2K7).

What’s your take?

Also, Microsoft recently announced KIN1 and KIN2 smart phones that have incorporated social feeds from Facebook and Twitter.

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