Poll : Will you buy Windows 8? Already bought? Tell us.


Poll : Will you buy Windows 8? Already bought? Tell us.

Sales of Windows 8 OS is quite a mystery : while Microsoft has shared a few lofty numbers, tech media believes otherwise:

Windows 8
Windows 8

“Our primary concern is that we have not gotten any positive reinforcement from the PC food/supply chain that Windows 8 has served as a catalyst for incremental PC demand.

This stands in stark contrast to the launch of Windows 7 that had an almost immediate positive impact on the PC supply chain, as evidenced by official statements from PC OEMs in various earnings transcripts and press/industry reports at the time of launch.

The following data points, supported by our recent in-store checks, point to initial weak sales of Windows 8: Windows sales are down 21% y/y in first four weeks post the Windows 8 launch. Windows 8 tablets described as ‘non-existent’.” [source]

We’d like to understand from NextBigWhat readers, the super early adopter and infuencer community on their view on Windows 8 : Have you already upgraded? Still waiting?

Well, take the poll (if you are reading this in your RSS reader, do hop to the site and take the poll on the right sidebar).

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