Last Call: App Hackathon [March 24th and 25th]


The app hackathon is scheduled for March 24th and 25th (i.e. this weekend) and essentially, we provide you a platform to start your app from scratch and develop it into a full fledged producthackathon_banner at the end of two days. During this time you’ll have the support from our experienced mentors, who are from Microsoft and Kuliza.

Event Details

Registration Link:

Date: 24th and 25th March, 2012

Time: 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM

Contact: Prateek Panda, +9190354 86036.

Venue: Kuliza Office, 11/3, Bommanahalli, Hosur Main Road, Opposite Oxford Engineering College, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068 [Google Maps Link].

And did we tell you that

– MICROSOFT will give away Free Windows Phones for all developers who complete the ‘Port To Win‘ challenge during the Hackathon. All you have to do is Port 2 Apps and the developer gets a Windows Phone. It does not end there.

– We have two Prizes for Best Designed App and Best Idea App which is also a Windows Phone, at the Hackathon event itself!


Off the event, MICROSOFT will give away Free Windows Phones for all developers who complete the ‘Port To Win‘ challenge. All you have to do is Port Two Apps and the developer gets a Windows Phone.

The contest is part of the iunlockjoy challenge. ‘I Unlock Joy’ program is your chance to become users’ favorite and get a brand new Windows Phone at the same time. Basically this is how the contest runs:

1. Register, build and submit one or more Windows Phone Apps on App Hub. If they get certified and published at the Windows Phone Marketplace by 31st March, 2012, you are entitled to receive a Windows Phone device to test your future apps.

2. If you submit two (2) new Windows Phone Apps – that you have ported from existing Android and/or iPhone apps – which get listed at the   Marketplace within the program period, then you qualify to receive a Windows Phone test device.

3. Even better, If you are a woman developer, and submit one (1) new Windows Phone app – based on entertainment, fashion, leisure, gaming, recreation or travel themes – which gets listed at the Marketplace within the program period, then you qualify to receive a Windows Phone test device.

You can download the Windows Phone SDK from here and get started. Also, this will give you a  great opportunity to showcase your apps on the Windows Phone App Hub through which you can monetize your Apps. Know more here (learn how two college students and a part-time developer grossed more than $40,000 by integrating ads into their apps, and how Microsoft Advertising drove a 71% higher ad yield than a competitor’s Windows Phone in-app ad solution.)


Hackathon: FAQs

Q1. Do we have to bring our own laptops?

Ans: Yes, we expect to come prepared with your own systems. All other logistical support will be provided by us. (Power sources, Desks, Chairs, Coffee, Food!)

Q2. Is it necessary to register as a team?

No, it is not necessary to register as a team. In fact, although we encourage you to join in as a team, it is not a compulsion. Also we’ll be having a short interactive session on 23rd evening where in you can meet other participants and who knows you might just as well form your own team there itself.

Q3. Is this is “Windows Phone” only Hackathon?

Ans: Yes, this Hackathon has its theme based on Windows Phone. Thus, it will be expected that the apps comply to the specifications required by Windows Phone OS.

Q4. What is the basic system requirement to run the Windows Phone SDK?

Ans: Your system should fulfill the following needs:

  • Windows Vista (x86 and x64) with Service Pack 2 – all editions except Starter Edition
  • Windows 7 (x86 and x64) – all editions except Starter Edition
  • Installation requires 4 GB of free disk space on the system drive.
  • 3 GB RAM
  • Windows Phone Emulator requires a DirectX 10 or above capable graphics card with a WDDM 1.1 driver (available on Windows 7)

Q5. I haven’t worked with Windows Phone yest. Will you be providing some tools and tips in advance?

Ans: Well, there is nothing to worry if you haven’t developed for the Windows Phone yet. We believe if you have developed apps for some mobile platform, you’ll do perfectly fine here as well. We’ll share the APIs and SDKs very soon and give tips to help you get started. But, come prepared, otherwise it will add no value to you.

Q6. Can we actually get our own beer?

Ans: Sure you can!

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section and we’ll answer to all your queries.



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