Winner of UnPluggd Tagline Contest

First of all, we apologize for the delay in announcing the winner.

We received a total of 73 entries and the debate went on for quite sometime [I almost pressed the Veto button].

unpluggd - event for entrepreneursThe winning tagline comes from Amol Sood and the tagline depicts the core idea behind the session

‘Startup Tales from Trenches’

At UnPluggd, you will come across startups who had a similar situation like yours.

As one of the startup presenting at the event puts it:

Like any other software engineer, we wanted to stay at home, build a great technology product, put it online and make money from ads/referrals) – what a typical web startup does

And now, the company has more operational people than techies! [with revenues in the range of $5mn] These guys are in the trenches, still fighting it out.

Hear them out. Get inspired @ UnPluggd

And what about the others participated in the contest?

They get a surprise deal – do check your inbox by late evening!

Others, book your seat now!

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