Microsoft’s WinWithSearch – Win Free Talk Time With Live Search

Microsoft has launched WinWithSearch competition that lets you win free talk time every 10 minutes of session.

All you need to do is hit the live search box, wait for the dice to roll, keep trying until you get double 6.

Sessions start every 10 minutes – so keep trying while you are ‘a-live’.

Few days back, Yahoo too launched it’s worldsearch championship, which received good traction (alexa rank : 248, within 13 days of launch) – though WinWithSearch seems too time dependent (I mean, why do they ask users to wait for 10 minutes? Why can’t another session start right away?)

Don’t you think that Microsoft should integrate such competitions with Live search product, as this is part of their overall agenda (to incentivize users to use Live search with cash back offers etc.)

What’s your opinion on WinWithSearch? Will it fly?

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