Wipro expands it’s Second Life presence

Wipro launched it’s offshore development center in SecondLife a year back and now they have launched a SOA solutions lab – which gives customers an opportunity to explore the impact of SOA in transforming their organizations to be more agile and enable business transformation [via]

SecondLife’s Business platform (called secondlifegrid) is gaining wider acceptance in corporate world and companies are using the platform for improving collaboration and increasing customer engagement.

For instance, IBM uses secondlife for hosting employee meetings, conduct employee training and even evaluates managers on their cross-cultural/geography skills.

IBM uses virtual worlds to connect with its alumni population and for on-boarding and educating new and current employees. Virtual worlds have proven an effective tool to help simplify the complex, with 3-D models and interactions that cannot be recreated in a Web conference or phone conversation, and have been useful in connecting people around the globe to drive collaboration.

What’s your take on virtual worlds? Is this a harbinger of newer ways to collaborate (for instance: online office?)


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