Wipro to bid for Capgemini?


Infy was supposed to buy them, but rumor mill spells Wipro as a bidder for Capgemini, France based consulting firm.

As per ToI:

“Wipro has been known to be open to inorganic growth. However, that the rumoured 60 a share price tag would be quite expensive, valuing the group at around 8 billion euros, but not impossible for Wipro.”

If at all the rumour is true, Capgemini will be a strategic acquisition for Wipro, as the latter needs to move up the value chain (cgey is a high-end consulting firm, while wipro is still a low-end, transactional oriented firm) and Wipro has been pretty open to inorganic ways to grow.

Asides, TechCrunch reported this deal as “Google’s Biggest App Distributor May Be Moving To India” – funny that these web2.0 guys can’t really think beyond the web avatar.

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