Wisdomtap – Find right products (based on rating/reviews across the web)

Planning to buy a mobile phone or a camera? While there are so many sites and forums to suggest you the ‘best’ one, the challenge really is to get an aggregated picture of suggestions available on the web.

Wisdomtap is a Bangalore based startup that is building a search platform that will help you decide which product/brand to buy.

The service currently covers cameras and mobile phones searches and in future will add more categories.

One of the USP of Wisdomtap is that apart from aggregating ratings/reviews from popular sites, Wisdomtap also collates data from several forums (also gives weightage to user’s credibility within the forum).

As far as business model is concerned, Wisdom licenses it’s service (IndiaPlaza is one of their customers) and also has a WisdomRank conversion engine that can be used by any of the ecommerce store (paid service).

Do give Wisdomtap a spin – do you find the service useful?

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PS:  Wisdomtap demoed their product @ Headstart’09.

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