Wise People Good Times, Foolish People Bad Times

Our minds have two different types of intellectual motivation, which create internal disagreement in various aspects of our lives. This constant tug-of-war in our heads revolves around our thoughts, emotions, values, morals, judgments, and overall consciousness.

Primitive Mind:

  • The Primitive Mind is a set of coded instructions for how to be a successful animal in the natural habitat, with natural selection as the coder.
  • Its goal is survival and reproduction, along with helping its offspring reproduce.
  • It believes that holding beliefs generating the best kinds of survival behavior is important, regardless of their truthfulness.
  • The Primitive Mind installs beliefs early in life, based on the prevailing beliefs of family, peers, or the community.
  • It views beliefs as a fundamental part of identity, essential for being in good standing with the community.
  • It wants you to treat your beliefs as sacred objects and hold them with conviction, preferring viewpoint/identity confirmation, out-group bashing, and gossip.

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