Wishberg [Team] Joins Freecharge. Great Effort, Guys!

Wishberg, a social wishlist service that raised a round of funding last October, has finally gotten to the end of its road and been acqhired by FreeCharge, no doubt for the awesome founding team – Pravin Jadhav and Kulin Shah. Pravin will lead Product and Growth and Kulin will handle Partnerships and Alliances. We suspect there will be news on both fronts from FreeCharge pretty soon!

Read what their last blog entry at Wishberg said.


Here’s an early review we had done when Wishberg had just come out of its private beta.

Since then, they had added Shop Mobs that was shut down later, and a Future Timeline and other features that took it more in the direction of a social wishlist rather than a personal list of desires. The service did find a good amount of traction, but we guess the audience never engaged beyond expressing wishes, and Wishberg did not push too hard in that direction either. Pinterest did not either, to be honest, but they managed to scale, as well as get brands interested, and that might have been the difference between two similar and equally well executed services.

We wish – no pun intended – Pravin and Kulin a great future ahead. Wishberg was a story we all loved and wanted to see grow, and we look forward to big things from these guys.