Shop Mobs by Wishberg Wants To Aggregate Wishes and Get Them Granted for Cheaper

It will aggregate wishes of people, match it and help them hit up a seller. Its like an offline-online hybrid of group buying!

Say there is a new sports bike you want to buy desperately. Only, the company isn’t going to sell in India unless they have a hundred orders in the country. Or imagine ganging up with 10 other buyers to get the seller to give you a bigger discount? Its easy with social wishlist portal Wishberg’s new product Shop Mobs.

The newly launched Shop Mobs will take the company beyond just sharing wishes and discovering friends with similar interests. It will aggregate wishes of people, match it and help them hit up a seller. Its like an offline-online hybrid of group buying!

In Wishberg users can make a wish list with products and services they would like or want and then discover other users with similar interests. They all select a common date and venue (could be a shop) to meetup and negotiate a better deal with the business.

Using the new product the company wants to help people with similar interests connect by arranging city wise meetups, combine the users consumer demand and help them benefit through collective buying power.
Shop MobsThe current focus of the company is on 6 categories comprising of Bikes, Cars, Electronics & Gadgets, Real Estate, Bucket List & Travel.

“People love to do jugaad to get the best deal for anything they want to purchase. Shop Mobs is productized version of this and is completely driven by users,” says Kulin Shah, Co-founder at Wishberg.

On launch Shop Mobs will go live for 2 cities Mumbai (Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane) and Bangalore.  The system is programmed in such a way that it will automatically unlock the Shop MOBs  in other cities when there is a certain threshold of users available.

“The concept of Shop Mob is inspired by Cash Mobs in US and Tuangou in China. We believe strongly in enabling offline commerce by connecting users with similar wishes. Shop Mobs are completely user driven and with them we seek to take online engagement offline,” said Pravin Jadhav, Co-Founder Wishberg.

In our earlier coverage, we have often asked what’s the call to action for WishBerg’s WishList – and we now have the answer: Shop Mobs.

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