Wolf Frameworks’s Platform-as-a-Service Model Helps Create Custom Business Apps

Wolf Frameworks is a Bangalore based startup that boasts of a 100% XML based Business Definition & Designing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for  business users & companies to create their own custom Business Applications and Systems without worrying about software or technical development skills.

Essentially, customers can create a business application like CRM/Data mining/Billing/Project management/SCM by using Wolf’s SaaS platform without any upfront hardware/software investment.

The platform separates software code from business design for each business application and keeps its state, entities and other details such as business rules, relationships in XML format, creating zero dependency on technical code when Wolf users want to upgrade or add functionality to their applications.

Wolf Frameworks currently has launched bugtracker and CRM solution apps, and is very soon launching Project Management and Billing solutions.

The product is available for public beta and is supported only on IE.

Overall, Wolf looks very promising – SaaS is going big in India (e.g. airtel getting into saas business) and biggies like Salesforce are conducting roadshows to increase the awareness.

Give Wolf Frameworks a spin and do share your comments.

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