Another woman founder alleges Mahesh Murthy of misconduct

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Another woman founder alleges Mahesh Murthy of misconduct

Pooja Chauhan, Vayuz cofounder has shared the above screenshot mentioning :

“I wished Mahesh Murthy Merry Christmas n a new year I got a response something like that. Unfortunately my LinkedIn app allows me to add only one picture but I want to know from my fellow entrepreneurs and investors do we deserve this ? So next time when you talk to investors you should mentally prepare yourself.”

From the comments on her LinkedIn post, it seems Mahesh has already apologised for this incident.
In the past, another woman founder alleged Mahesh Murthy of misconduct (to which Mahesh clarified).

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  1. Wamika Iyer

    Its high time this man learns his lesson. Team, I have even more detailed story to share.

  2. Mv

    Exactly. It seems to be a relationship gone sour. If you we not comfortable with the kind of messages you got, why did you even continue?

  3. Arnab Saha

    Mahesh Murthy seems to be mentally imbalanced. It also shows frustration in his personal life. Attempted to some luck for personal satisfaction.

  4. Where Do You Want To Go Today ?

  5. victim

    Can we know what message was sent on 31 December?

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