Respect for The Women Entrepreneurs Around Us. You’re Awesome!

Being a woman in India is tough. Being a woman entrepreneur in India is tougher.

We’ve been speaking to a few entrepreneurs around us to get their views on being a woman in an entrepreneurial ecosystem dominated by men. Some of those stories will be shared here today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Earlier today, we featured entrepreneur- investor, Pearl Uppal Kachru’s candid views on High growth Entrepreneurship & Women. She talks of some key issues that women face in a high growth environment: About the “Mens club” and about being bold enough to voice your opinion in a boardroom full of men and how we need more women taking the plunge into building businesses, more women proud of what they have achieved at work, more women angel investors & VCs ensuring the access to capital is fairer, more mentors and advisors supporting the growth of women entrepreneurs and more women in tech.

We realize that it isn’t enough to talk about women entrepreneurs only on one particular day of the year. In fact, it isn’t nearly enough to bring about the kind of change we all like to see. As much as we’d like to constantly engage with the women entrepreneurs, there are only a few visible faces. We’d like to tell them how much we respect them and begin a conversation for change. So if you know a woman entrepreneur, tag them on this note or leave a comment so we can identify some the best and the brightest women entrepreneurs of our times.

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