Women Entrepreneurs : We Want You To Attend UnPluggd [60% Off For You]

Why do we have so less women entrepreneurs attending startup conferences?
Ofcourse, there are conferences that are dedicated to only women, but they are silos and do not really help the cause (in my opinion).
And yes, you can run a panel discussing Women In Tech and the audience could look just like the below pic from a ‘Womens Conference’ held in Saudi Arabia.

Womens Conference @Saudi Arabia
A Pic From Womens Conference @Saudi Arabia ! [Courtesy: Huffpo]

At UnPluggd, we have always planned for a discussion oriented towards women entrepreneurs, but never really managed to execute that.
More than having just a discussion, we’d want to take the first step, i.e. have more participation from women entrepreneurs and doers!
This discussion with Zainab and Ashwini actually got us to rethink and atleast take the first step (thank you girls!).
So here it is : We are giving away 60% discount to women entrepreneurs for the upcoming UnPluggd conference.
All you need to do is fill up the form below and we will share the further details*.

[gravityform id=”61″ name=”Women Entrepreneurs @UnPluggd”]

Ofcourse, we expect you to not buy your male colleague tickets using the special discount code we share with you. The idea is to have more of you (you = the women entrepreneurs and doers) and here is a small step towards reducing the friction.

UnPluggd Details

Date : December 6th.
Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Marthahalli, Bangalore.
Speakers/Agenda : Announced!
Registration details : Hop here.
Discount: Use the code NEXTBIGWHATTWO to grab 20% discount!!
Got questions? Ask : team@nextbigwhat.com

* : For those who have already bought the ticket, we will adjust the same in any of the NextBigWhat conference you’ll attend in future.

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