India Has The Lowest Score For Acceptance Of Women As Executives #GenderGap

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India Has The Lowest Score For Acceptance Of Women As Executives #GenderGap

As per a recent study by Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders, India Has The Lowest Score For Acceptance Of Women As Executives.

The Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard ranks 31 countries comprising 70% of the world’s female population and 76% total GDP and ranks them based on composite index comprised of 21 indicators that highlight important aspects of their institutional and business environment, gendered access issues and individual-level entrepreneurial characteristics grouped into five categories.

India Stands At Number 29 Out of 31 Countries Researched

Research shows that women CEOs, senior managers and board members result in higher salaries and better conditions for female employees enabling greater business development activity. Only four countries, China, Brazil, Malaysia, Nigeria, report women holding 5 percent of the CEO positions of the largest publicly-traded companies and six report women holding 0 percent of CEO positions.

In just three countries, Poland, Jamaica and Russia, women make up 35 percent or more of senior management and France is the lone country with women occupying 30 percent of corporate board seats.

Of the 31 Scorecard countries, the US and South Africa are the only two that actively promote growth-oriented female entrepreneurs through gender public procurement policies. And gendered data collection by the government is critical to benchmark change. Four of the countries, USA, Sweden, France and Germany, perform an annual gendered business census and Mexico tracks gendered data for all government-funded entrepreneurship programs.

Chile is the sole country to do both.

Data is sourced from existing internationally recognized datasets, including the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), World Economic Forum (WEF), World Bank, UNESCO, ILO and others.

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