Women’s Reservation Bill – Passed in Rajya Sabha

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Women’s Reservation Bill – Passed in Rajya Sabha

Okhey, this post is a little off-beat. Women’s Reservation Bill giving 33 percent representation to women in parliament and state assemblies has been passed in the Rajya Sabha with 186 ayes & 1 noes about an hour ago! Yet another historic & welcome development in the Indian politics as women really need empowerment in modern day scenario. Besides if reservation is up on cards for the historically suppressed class of society, then women are the most deserving group for such an initiative.

Of course this bill @Rajya Sabha was not passed without drama & walk-outs. But what is more important is to visualize the impact of such a step on the woman-workforce in future. I will quote from one of my previous post last October on Gharkamai where the first paragraph read as following:

In our society, it is so acceptable and understandable to see a highly educated woman settling down as a home-maker raising kids, watching TV soaps, cooking great food etc. Scarcely does one (read men) understand what it feels like when a girl who was taught to become a professional since childhood is forced to become a housewife. Sshhh, and does anyone even know the loss that the country incurs by depriving such a large population of skilled manpower from work.

This is totally an awesome decision @ Parliament and Pluggd.in wishes all women for the new future.

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