Wondering what to build? This list of AI business ideas has a few gems

Starting a thread to share and crowdsource potential business ideas / applications of AI (not all original)

I will shoot some obvious ones to jumpstart this (rough notes in no particular order)

Jarvis, your butler. Manages your household – orders groceries, co-ordinates with delivery personnel, handy-men, laundry, prepares a menu for the cook etc.

Holiday planner. AI understands your preferences before planning a day by day / hour by hour itinerary for the destination of your choice.

This Matchmaker. AI chats with users to create rich dating profiles which it uses to make accurate matches.

Masterclass. You want to learn about something, AI prepares a course and learning plan for your depending on your preference. Short / long, video / audio / text

Wealth Mangaer. You share your Dmat / investments and AI diagnoses the mistakes you have made in the past and also recommends a portfolio construction based on your risk profile.

Customer support, copyrighting, marketing collaterals – already in play, many companies in motion.

Interior design / furnishing / decor / art – designs your dream home

Personalized Search / personal Analyst / Personal coach

Co-developer. Co-pilot. More Dev tools – observability, deployment, software testing

Family doctor. Triaging at hospitals / clinics, online consultation, radiology.

Insurance claims (massive market in US)

Your Harvey Specter. Legal documentation, attorney services, contract compliance, legal action on violation

The Sales Guy/Gal. Sales automaton – outreach 2.0, Sales coaching and engagement, finally selling

Director and Producer. AI created entertainment content – shows, movies, news, documentary, music, blogs, games etc. There will be AI created celebrities in future and AI gaming studios

AI teachers and AI created educational content. "Sharma Sir" for Science will be an AI avatar. Education will get further democratized.

Co-pilot for X. Every knowledge worker will have an AI assistant that will make them more productive, take the grunt work away. Email replies will be AI generated in the future. Calendar management too.

Auctions / RFQ / RFPs. AI will run and participate and adjudicate auctions. Applications in procurement and selling appointing service providers.

Translator. Helps you learn languages and translate.

Ask me anything as a bot. For any knowledge, Internal wiki, Sales and marketing collaterals etc.

Control tower for orga. AI goes through all call notes, meetings, documents to figure out what's going on.

Internal consultants. AI reviews data, critiques strategy, deciphers competitors strategy and becomes a sounding board for CEO.

Your personal developer. You ask AI to build products for your personalized use cases – make an app that tracks all public appearances of Pieter Thiel for example

Courtesy @rishenkapoor

Originally tweeted by Tejeshwi Sharma 🇮🇳 (@tejeshwi_sharma) on April 8, 2023.

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