WoNoBo, A Street View Like Walkthrough Guide For Indian Cities

wonoboGenesys International Corporation, a geospatial solutions company, has launched WoNoBo.com, an India city guide with 360-degree view and India map.

Through the portal users will be able to search, explore and share ‘points of interest’ across the the country. Currently the service will be available for 12 major Indian cities and will soon be expanded to 54 cities.

WoNoBo.com has also tied up with Incredible India, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, for the launch of ‘Walking Tours’, a product that will enable users to navigate and route their way through cities based on a number of themes.

The location based walkthrough service supports user generated content along with social media capabilities and also allows creation of ‘local communities’ online.

The service cover interiors of various businesses across the country and also offers 360-degree walkthroughs through most popular monuments in India.

“The Ministry of Tourism is partnering with WoNoBo.com to create a Walking Tours platform, one of the first such initiatives to be undertaken in any country.  We believe that this innovative and entertaining technology – aimed at making our most-visited cities extremely easy to walk or drive through – will add a completely new facility to our Incredible India campaign,” said Parvez Dewan, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism.

WoNoBo Explore

WoNoBo.com also offers guides, created by users as well as experts, displaying interesting local information like where to eat, what to shop for, where to take your children while visiting and more.

Users can also tag, access and review ‘points of interests’ like locations, hotels, retail outlets, monuments, parks, etc.

This launch is particularly interesting when one reads it alongside the ban on Google from launching its Street View project in India. The project was launched as a pilot in Bangalore, but soon it ran into trouble with the Government which objected to it on the grounds of security.

In January a study on Geospatial services in India, an ecosystem made up of data providers, location enabled device manufacturers, app developers, experts and educators, found that the service generates an annual revenues of almost $3 billion and employ nearly 135,000 people in India.

If Google could not carry on with its Street View project in India, how did the authorities allow Genesys International Corporation to carry out its project?

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