Dating App Woo Claims Tinder Copied Their Idea Of “Genuine Profiles”

Dating app, Woo claims that Tinder has copied their idea of verified profiles.


Social norms are flying out of the window in India as increased number of young urban professionals are now taking all the charges. International Dating App Tinder is realising this and are now realigning with what was Woo launched with.

Woo was one of the first mobile app creators to spot this social trend. Recognizing a need gap in India, Woo was born. Genuine profiles, real people, real conversations, Woo has become an active community of 1.7 million users keeping the app dedicated to a single cause of connecting like-minded people to form meaningful relationships.

Other players in the International market are realising this slowly and entering the Indian market with the same view point.

Tinder has launched an updated version in India which includes addition of job and education information to profiles, the features that Woo was born with.

 “The dating space is expanding and it is exciting to see how things pan out. What we did a year ago, the industry is slowly realising it and everyone is coming to the same view point. International players are entering Indian market and replicating what we did in the beginning. This validates that we are in the correct path” says Sumesh Menon, Co-Founder and CEO, Woo.

Swipe right or swipe left? Isn’t this something which TrulyMadly did sometime back (in 2014)?

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