Woot! @UnPluGGd

The event is over and feedback will tell you what we witnessed todayunpluggd - event for entrepreneurs

Attended an entrepreneurship event after a long time. Amazing talks by @ashwinnaik@ksrikrishna and more. Great job @cnha#unpluggd [@shashanknd]

Kudos to @cnha and Amarinder for getting superb been-there-done-that speakers who just had to tell their story to wow the audience#unpluggd [@swaroopch]

“..I had came here with minimum expectations as such events often have more noise and less signal but it was indeed a great event personally for me as I was able to get connected to lot of people, the number of people there were perfect and the event was very well organized,” – Pushkar.

“you have upped the bar for other startup events in India. Time they focus on awesome content” – Amit

Personally speaking, I had real fun at the event – all the speakers were super-awesome and so was the audience.

All in all, we had a total of 220 people, 90% entrepreneurs – Serious Content. Great Speakers. Awesome audience.


More pictures/videos/event anecdotes later.

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