WordPress 2.9 – 5 Features that takes your Blog to Next Level [WordPress Weekend]

Table of Contents Hide What to expect in WordPress 2.9?TrashBasic Image Editorrel=canonical for singular pagesPost ThumbnailsCustom Post TypesOther useful features Wordpress 2.9 is in the making and WP has released…

Wordpress 2.9 is in the making and WP has released the beta 2 version of the product (download) and given the feature set, we just can’t wait for the final release.

wordpress tips
wordpress tips

What to expect in WordPress 2.9?


WordPress 2.9 introduces a new feature called ‘Trash’ that lets you trash a post, comment and pages instead of deleting them. The trash post acts like recycled bin and remains in memory for 30 days.

The ‘Trash’ feature replaces the ‘Delete’ feature and one can also limit the number of days the trash should hold the deleted post.

Wordpress 2.9 post trash feature
Wordpress 2.9 post trash feature

Basic Image Editor

WordPress 2.9 introduces an image editor (accessible from Media/Library link) that enables you to carry basic image manipulation like scaling/cropping/rotating etc.

Wordpress 2.9 image editor feature
Wordpress 2.9 image editor feature

rel=canonical for singular pages

In order to protect duplicate content, WordPress 2.9 introduces rel=”cannonical” at the page header itself. WordPress 2.9 also adds rel attribute to next/previous post links.

Post Thumbnails

If you use a magazine styled wordpress theme, this one is just for you. WP2.9 enables one to add post thumbnail on the fly.

In order to use the thumbnail feature, your wordpress theme needs to support that (just few lines of code, so do not lose heart).

Wordpress 2.9 post thumbnail feature
Wordpress 2.9 post thumbnail feature

Add the following code in your functions.php file.

add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );

In order to call this function, add the following piece in ‘The Loop’ in your theme template.

<?php the_post_thumbnail( 'thumbnail' ); ?>

And you are all set to use this awesome feature. It does takes your blog to the next level.


Custom Post Types

Supports post types other than ‘post’, ‘page’ and ‘attachment’. If you want to use WP as a CMS tool, this feature will let you create your own custom post types.

Other useful features

  • Support for oEmbed – few PluGGD.in authors are still uncomfortable embedding youtube/other videos on the site (using the embed code is a little cumbersome thing). WordPress 2.9 ‘s support for oEmbed standaard is a god send feature for those who just want to copy/paste the video url and let WordPress do the magic.
  • Automatically repairing tables.Again,a godsend feature since many of us do manual repairing/optimizing of DB and this feature lets wordpress handle the DB repair automatically.

Expect WordPress 2.9 to be a milestone release.

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