WordPress 3.0 – The Complete Guide

Table of Contents Hide WordPress and WP MU to be MergedCustom MenusCustom Post TypesShortURL We earlier did a recap of the new features expected in WordPress 3.0 and now that…

We earlier did a recap of the new features expected in WordPress 3.0 and now that WP team has frozen on the release items, here is the complete list of notable features that will make it to 3.0 release.

WordPress and WP MU to be Merged

WordPress MU will be merged with WP and now, you will be able to easily create multiple sites using the same WP installation. Earlier, a lot of webmasters achieved this functionality using different installations of WordPress. In order to use WP 3.0’s Network feature, you need to ensure that the WordPress address is same as Site address.

» More on creating network of sites here.

Custom Menus

You can create multiple menus and enable the same in your current theme. By using this feature, you can easily create submenus, build menus from modules and bring them contextually together. Essentially, more control over your menus.

Wordpress 3.0 custom menu
Wordpress 3.0 custom menu

» More on adding custom menus to your current theme.

Custom Post Types

CMS. The implementation of custom post types in WordPress 3.0 makes it the perfect CMS to use. If you are building a custom directory, this feature will enable you to do the same.

» Check out this tutorial on how to implement custom post type feature.


We earlier covered how to create short URL for wordpress blogs (like the way, we have implemented) and if you wanna wait for the official module, WordPress 3.0 is the way to go.

Create URL Shortener for WordPress Blogs
Create URL Shortener for WordPress Blogs

Other notable features include

  • New default theme (Twenty 10). The earlier default theme, Kubrick has been removed from the default installation pack.
  • End of ‘Turbo’ [Google gears has been shut down].
  • New wp_login_form() provides a simple login form for use anywhere.
  • Better Administrative navigation and packaging of modules.
  • Bulk theme/plugin update ability.
  • Allow for removing all tags in quick edit
  • Allow “No role for this blog” to be chosen in Users->Add New panel
  • Choose username and password during installation rather than using ‘admin
  • A better default excerpt; remove multiple white spaces from the excerpt as well as splitting safely on UTF8 strings

»Watch this video that takes a deep dive into some of the features.

» Understanding Multi-site feature.

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