Tech WWWorld–Windows Phone 7, WordPress Adds SMS Notifications

Windows Phone 7 has been launched and one simply hopes that it brings back MS to the smartphone battle, the way Windows 7 & Bing did.

The phone’s interface features Hubs for categories such as People, Music and video, Photos, Games and Office. These Hubs are never more than a few screens away, no matter how deep the user navigates within the phone. The People Hub, for example, pulls in Facebook status updates from friends as well as providing the more obvious contact information and phone numbers. Users can take actions like responding to updates or sending a text message right from the People Hub rather than having to find and launch a particular app. The Hubs also update live, pulling in pictures and information so that in many cases a glance and a couple of clicks will be all that users need to bring themselves up to date with phone messages, e-mail and what is happening with friends and colleagues.

Applications will be available for the phone as well via a Hub called the Marketplace. But, unlike other smartphones, they won’t be required for the majority of everyday tasks.

Windows Phone 7 will be available in a variety of sleek form factors from device-makers such as Dell, HTC Corp., LG and Samsung, and from mobile operators including América Móvil, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom AG, Movistar, O2, Orange, SFR, SingTel, Telstra, TELUS, T-Mobile USA and Vodafone. All Windows Phone 7 phones will include the high-performance Snapdragon™ processor from Qualcomm [see the list of operators here].

Search is made easier with a dedicated button to help people find what they need, whether in contacts, in Marketplace, in e-mail or on the Web. From the Start screen, the Search button delivers Bing for mobile, delivering Web results, local information, maps, directions and more.- more details here

Microsoft has done a great job of seeding the app store (more on that later).comment_notification

Apple trademarks ‘There’s an app for that’.

Call it coincidence, but the day MS announced its new phone comes an interesting piece that Apple has been awarded a trademark for the phrase, “There’s an app for that.”  The tagline has been used to promote the App Store and iOS devices almost since their inception, and has really caught on.[more]

WordPress adds SMS Notifications has launched Text Messaging that will help you manage your blog using SMS messages (Currently available in the USA only).

For no additional cost, you can receive text notifications when the following changes occur on your blog:

  • Users are added or removed
  • The theme changes
  • The privacy settings change

Gates Foundation Announces $20 Million Fund

Gates Foundation has announced the Next Generation Learning Challenges initiative (total amount to be funded is $20mn).

Recognizing the untapped potential of technology to drive dramatic gains in both college readiness and completion, Next Generation Learning Challenges will identify, improve, and scale solutions and will stimulate adoption of the many ways technology can deepen, accelerate, and support learning.

Designed as a collaborative, multi-year initiative, Next Generation Learning Challenges will provide grants, gather evidence about effective practices and create a community around the pressing needs to find affordable, high-quality tools to meet the needs of today’s students within the budgetary confines of today’s education system.

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